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Ugly Otter Trading Post (Lay-away Order)
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(The Item Description, quantity, or price is not necessary if this is only a payment on an existing lay-away, just tell us in the "Special Instructions" box below how much you want to pay now)

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First Class or Priority Mail, Insured, to any USA location, is   $10 per order NOT per item.   (You can have as many items as you want on the order, the shipping and handling is still only $10)  

Foreign shipments will be $10 per order, not insured, or at our discretion will be sent Fed Ex, UPS or other means depending on the destination.  We will add any additional freight charges to the foreign orders, if necessary.


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Personal checks drawn from US banks, cashier's checks and money orders are also accepted.
Just print out this form and fill in your order information, include it with your check or money order
made payable "Ugly Otter",  and mail to:

The Ugly Otter Trading Post,

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Elko, Nevada 89801